Wednesday 14 September 2011

Time for tea and book talk...

Well, I suspect this morning's post may be less about books than about movies.  I went to see "Snowflower and the Secret Fan" last week, and I was thoroughly disappointed by the film.  I wasn't able to take my own advice and separate the film from the book, and the film barely resembled the book.  I mean, the two main characters, Snowflower and Lily, were in it, but they were almost an afterthought to their contemporary counterparts, played by the same actors, that were definitely not in the book.  These characters, I think their names were Sophie and Nina, and their stories were the focus of the better part of the film, with fairly brief flashback-like scenes to the 19th Century story.  But I knew all of this going in, so I'm letting it go.  I just wanted to write about it and let you know that I would not recommend the film if you've read the book.  Having said that, as the film was ending, I heard another filmgoer behind me say to her friend, "That was good!", so who am I to judge?  (maybe she hadn't read the book!)

I finished The Bishop's Man last night, and it was as good this time as the last time I read it.  I find, though, that the challenge with this book is keeping the stories and timelines straight.  I wonder what sorts of discussions we will have at the book club meeting on Friday.  I suspect this will be one of the comments from the members, and I certainly think it's legitimate.  After all, I read this book just over a year ago, and now reading it again, I still had trouble following it.  But the best thing to do, as I know from my first time reading it, is to let it go and keep on reading, as it will all come clear in the end.  I look forward to our group discussion.

Now I need to find something else to read.  After I complete my post, I will have the rest of the morning to spend reading, but I have nothing new to start reading at home.  I have a couple books at work that I thought I might be interested in, one is a teen novel and the other is a children's ghost story.  I know nothing about either one, but they must have caught my interest at some point, so now I can give them a try.  I guess I can always start reading The Winter of our Discontent, as I missed my annual rereading this year.  Or I could start on the next in the Inspector Lynley series.  Hmmm... so many choices...

OK, that's the end of today's short post.  I'll write more after our discussion on Friday, maybe give you the highlights.

Bye for now!

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  1. Now I'm a bit curious to hear the titles of the teen book and the children's ghost story !

    After your description, I think I would be more likely to read the the book, Snowflower and the secret fan, rather than see the movie. =)
    Hope you found something good to read in the meantime!