Monday 16 May 2016


Just a short note to let you know my thoughts about Black Apple, now that I've finished it.  It was so much more than just a look at residential schools.  The main character was also sensitive to spirits of dead people in the school dormitory and grounds, those belonging to the dead of the past, students, priests and nuns who would not rest easy.  But what I got from it, as I reached the last page, was that it was ultimately a book about a young woman learning to make her own choices and standing up for what she wants rather than being led along in life by the decisions of others.  It was a really interesting read, although the writing was somewhat uneven at times, so I would give it a 7.5 out of 10.

And I wanted to tell you about a sweet treat I had recently.  At an event I attended on the weekend, I got a box of treats and inside the box was a small container of what I at first thought to be small jelly beans.  It turns out that these were Jelly Bellies, which a woman beside me went on about as being so wonderful, with each bean being a different flavour.  This reminded me of the beans in the Harry Potter books, the "every-flavour beans", although these ones didn't have nasty flavours like vomit or earwax (warning:  I just saw on the Jelly Bellies website that they are starting to introduce the grosser flavours, too, like spoilt milk and dead fish - yuck!)

Have a good night!

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