Sunday 28 October 2018

Quick post on a cold, wet morning...

It’s chilly and damp this morning, more like mid-November than end of October, but my cup of steaming chai tea is keeping me warm and cozy.  And to make up for no treat last week, this week I have a delicious Date Bar AND a slice of freshly baked Date Bread - yum, yum, yum!!
I am in the middle of my next book club book, A House Without Windows, so I will tell you about that next week after our meeting.  But I have an audiobook I can tell you about, I Let You Go by Clare Macintosh.  Set in Bristol, this psychological thriller opens with five-year-old Jaco walking home from school with his mother. He lets go of her hand and runs across the street toward their house, when he is struck by a passing car and lands on the road, his mother crouched over him screaming in anguish… and then the car reverses and pulls away. The rest of the novel is told from various points of view, and to tell who the narrators are would spoil your reading experience, but I can give you a rather vague summary of the plot.  There is a female narrator who has fled Bristol and ended up in Penfach, a small coastal village in Wales, where she struggles to overcome her grief over the accident and begin to heal. She lives a solitary life, but slowly, slowly, she finds new purpose and even a glimpse of happiness. But of course, that can’t be allowed to happen, and her past sneaks up on her and won’t let go.  There is another main narrative voice, DCI Ray Stevens, who was on the case from the beginning but who, after six months with no leads and no results, is told by his superior officer to drop it and move on. Of course, he and his team can’t do that, and they continue to work on the case on their own time. At the one-year anniversary, they put out another call for information, and this time it yields some results .  Enter yet another narrative voice, this one creepy and insidious, and you get a multilayered story with chilling plot twists that will have you reading breathlessly (but possibly through half-covered eyes!) to the last page. This book was recommended to me by someone a few years ago and I had it written on a scrap of paper that I came across while looking for something else. I put the book on hold and it came in for me, but then as I was looking for new audiobooks, I saw that it was available in that format, so I downloaded it and listened to it right away.  There were two readers, a male and a female, and they did a great job of bringing the story and characters to life, and while I thought the storyline stretched in a few places, it was mostly believable and definitely enjoyable. I found the “creepy” sections extremely creepy, and probably visibly cringed while listening, which I guess means Macintosh did a convincing job of it! Anyway, if you enjoy psychological thrillers with plenty of plot twists, then this may be the book for you.
That’s all for today.  Make a cup of tea and curl up with a good book!
Bye for now…

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