Sunday 3 November 2019

Tea and treats on a "long" weekend...

It’s not really a long weekend, but we do get that extra hour since we turned the clocks back last night, so I’m very grateful for that little bonus, as I’ve been busy in the kitchen cooking and making a delicious pot of Cream of Celery Soup - YUM!  And I have another yummy treat today, a kouign-amann from Ambrosia Bakery in Kitchener  I haven't tried it yet, but my mouth is watering right now as I prepare for my tastebuds to be delighted!
I read an interesting book last week, a domestic thriller that I expected to be alot fluffier than it was.  I Invited Her In by Adele Parks is about two friends from university who reunite after years apart, but one has a malicious plan to ruin the other.  Melanie and Abigail met at the beginning of their first year of university. Mel was, while not exactly shy, a quiet, more reserved student, and Abi was gorgeous and larger-than-life.  They had a great time together until the following year, when Mel ended up pregnant from a one-night-stand. Abi supported her through the pregnancy, but after the birth, Mel dropped out of school and moved away from the student campus, separating herself from her life “before”.  Abi, for her part, did not make much of an effort to keep up their friendship, and they drifted, as friends often do in their youth. Eighteen years later, Mel is a happy, although sometimes harried, mother of three, with a wonderful, gorgeous husband. She works in a clothing shop and is content; that is, until she gets an email from her long-lost friend.  Abi has been married to her university boyfriend Rob for nearly twenty years, moving to LA to pursue a life on screen, at least in television, where her husband is a successful producer. She lives a glamourous life of parties and celebrity friends until she discovers Rob having an affair with his much younger PA. She wants to come back to London and asks Mel if she could come for a visit.  Mel is excited to see her friend, whose life seems so much greater, more interesting, and better than her own, and so she says yes, come, stay as long as you like… but over the coming weeks and months, she will come to regret this invitation on so many levels. This book was a domestic thriller extraordinaire, with enough twists and turns to keep this reader turning pages until the very end.  Although I found some parts to be a bit predictable, and Mel seemed a bit too naive at times, I really enjoyed this psychological suspense novel and found that the ending was ultimately satisfying. I’ve never read anything else by this author, but I think I’ve discovered a new favourite.
That’s all for today.  Enjoy the chilly bright day, and remember to make time to read!
Bye for now…

 PS My tastebuds are singing…

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