Sunday 21 March 2021

Happy Spring!

Yesterday was the first day of spring, and it certainly feels like it these days, bright sun, mild temperatures and all!  But it’s never too warm to enjoy a steaming cup of chai and a delicious date bar.  This will be a super-quick post, as I’ve hardly done any reading lately.

I read a very short novel last week called Agatha by Danish psychologist and author Anne Cathrine Bomann.  A lonely, antisocial psychiatrist is counting down the days, the hours of therapy, and the patients until his retirement.  He has stopped caring and just wants to get through the next few months.  When his secretary books a new client, Agatha, against his direct orders, he reluctantly agrees, not realizing that this client will change his life.  This debut novel explores themes of loneliness and human connection, and asks readers to consider whether we are ever too old to change.  It got rave reviews, and the cover was so enticing that I opened it with great anticipation, but I have to admit that I was pretty disappointed.  I’ve read many books like this, ones that offered a much more satisfying reading experience, at least for me.  Agatha was rather brief and one-dimensional, while others, such as A Man Called Ove or The Elegance of the Hedgehog, delve so much deeper into these themes and explore the human condition so much more completely, with complex, three-dimensional characters and situations that really moved me and, at the risk of sounding too corny, touched my soul.  Anyway, it is so short that it will only take you a couple of hours to read, so don’t take my word for it - clearly others loved this book and so might you.

That’s all for today.  Get outside and enjoy the sun!

Bye for now…

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