Sunday 16 August 2020

"I can see clearly now..."

This morning I am reminded of that old 1970s song by Johnny Nash, “I Can See Clearly Now” because I’m writing this post wearing my first pair of prescription reading glasses, and what a difference they make!  I truly can “see clearly” now, although the rain is not gone, but has actually just started.  

I read the first book in the “Rockton” series by Kelley Armstrong last week.  You may recall that I recently listened to the fifth book, Alone in the Wild, and was very impressed.  Well, the first book, City of the Lost, did a great job filling in the blanks and setting the stage for that one.  Casey Duncan is a homicide detective with a dark secret.  When her current boyfriend is attacked, she is sure her past has come back to haunt her.  Her friend Diana is also being stalked by her abusive ex who refuses to take “no” for an answer.  When Diana discovers a town to which people can disappear and become whoever they want to be, for a price of course, she convinces Casey to join her, and off they go to Rockton. Located far north in the Yukon wilderness, this is a town that no one knows exists, made up mostly of fugitives, but also some criminals buying their way to safety and anonymity.  Casey begins working with Sheriff Eric Dalton, who has plenty of his own baggage and secrets, and Deputy Will Anders. Everyone in the town has secrets, things they prefer to keep from the other residents, but in order to find out who murdered and dismembered three townspeople in just two months, this team must uncover the truth about these residents before more people meet the same fate.  This was a great introduction to the setting for this series, and getting the backstories of the residents will certainly help to understand the rest of the books, which I intend to read and/or listen to...  OK, this is weird… I just turned the tv from the classical station to “Hits of the ‘70s” because of my song reference above, and would you believe, Johnny Nash’s song just started playing!  Of all the songs they could choose, what are the chances that this particular one would come on now? Hmmm... quite a coincidence.  Anyway, back to the book… it did not disappoint, and I am looking forward to enjoying the others in this series in one format or another.  

That’s all for today.  Take care, stay dry, and enjoy the last few weeks of the summer break.

Bye for now…

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