Sunday 23 August 2020

PS One more junior title...

I must have read A Place Called Perfect the week before last because I know I read three books from my school library collection last week and one of them was Look Both Ways by Jason Reynolds.  Hmmm… I guess all the days and weeks really are running into one another!  Anyway, quick summary:  Look Both Ways is a novel told in “ten blocks”, from the points of view of ten different students at a nearby school.  These stories vary in content, sometimes sad, sometimes funny, often gross, but they are all interconnected because these are all students in the same neighbourhood, dealing with different experiences in their family life and at school.  All of the characters are black, and some of them face financial challenges, but the author makes them seem so real that I would dare anyone to read these stories and not feel drawn to each and every one of these kids.  This is the first book by Reynolds that I have read, but he is a major juvenile and young adult author, and this book will soon be available as a graphic novel.  

That’s really all for today… I hope you have a good evening!!

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